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We have a growing team of SLEs offering a wide range of expertise.

School Experience Day

Are you considering becoming a teacher?  Would you like the opportunity to spend an introductory day in one of our schools to gain some experience of education? Read more...

Since 1993

Our ethos:

The GWTSA aims to develop a passion for learning, removing any artificial barriers to development to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. We believe in creating a learning culture which encourages all to enquire, develop and share.

Our goal is to support the continued improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in schools across the locality; through the provision of high quality CPLD across all phases. We will play a key role in offering the best training for new recruits to the profession. We will deploy specialist leaders to provide support to schools who request it. We will have better leaders at all levels and have adequately identified talent in order to support succession planning. We will have embedded a culture of reflective practice in our colleagues through Research and Development work focusing on action research.

Collaboration is at the heart of the Teaching School model: through sharing our skills, experiences and talents, including with other Teaching Schools, we have the capacity to help all schools in our region to improve.

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